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Redemption (10/11)

Banner By: Mara

Chapter Nine

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Chapter 10

“But the sinners shall die with the sinner, And the apostate go down with the apostate. And those who practice righteousness shall die on account of the deeds of men. And be taken away on account of the doings of the godless.” — 1 Enoch LXXXI

Chuck sat at the desk, glasses on, and took a sip of scotch as he glanced at the bright screen in front of him, a musty old book by his side. The amber liquid burned his throat on the way down and after placing the glass back on the desk he hunched over the keyboard fingers typing quckly.

‘The day they met it was hot as all hell. Sun shining bright as the minivan pulled up to the rundown bar. He was with his brother and they were on a search for answers, but that wasn’t new. It’s what they did…they were hunters.’

‘A gun to the back and a smart ass comment was their introduction subsequently leaving him with a bloody nose and bruised ego. Golden blond hair, lithe body, and an attitude that could match his were some of his fondest memories.’

‘It was a classic boy meets girl story. Boy meets girls, he finds her attractive, sexy. Girl falls for the bad boy disobeys her mother and goes to hunt evil monsters in the night. Boy and girl get to know each other, find common ground, bump uglies, and fall in love.’

‘But as we know, not all stories have a happy ending as is the case with our two favorite Hunters. Sometimes no matter the distance we travel, the evil we fight, or the choices we make, destiny has a way of catching up with us…’

Chuck paused in his writing to take in his words as he brought the glass to his lips again. He sighed and right as his fingers were posed against the keys again his cell phone rang. He glanced at it before flipping it open. “Hello?”

“Chuck…its Dean.”

His brows furrowed. “Dean…but I thought, I mean I saw you die.”

“Yeah, it’s kind of a long story. Listen I need your help. Ruby said Jo sent you a message and a book?”

Chuck turned to the leather bound book in front of him. “Yeah…she did.”

“Okay, I need to know what the note says.”

He hesitated, his eyes drifting to the note that had been inside the book. “Nothing…I mean something, but it was just all about the book. Explaining what it was and stuff.”

He could hear the disappointment in the hunter’s voice when he spoke. “Oh.”

“Yeah…that’s it. Sorry.”

“One more thing.”


“We’re gettin’ ready to head out and find them it would be nice to know where to start. You wouldn’t happen to have seen where this whole thing is going to go down would you? Azazel…he’s got Jo’s body and--”

“I know. They’ve been keeping it pretty hush hush…but I saw it anyway. Perks of being a Prophet and all…Azazel is going to try and open the gate and bring back the other Fallen Angel’s that were imprisoned back in the day. Some place called Stull Cemetery.”

“That’s in Kansas.”


Dean’s voice was hesitant and Chuck could hear muffled sounds on the other end of the line. “Any chance you know how this is all gonna turn out?”

Chuck swallowed hard and gave the letter another glance before closing his eyes and pinching the bridge of his nose. “I wish I did I…I just…honestly don’t know yet.”

“Okay…well thanks Chuck.”

“Sure.” The line went dead and Chuck placed the phone down, looked away from the feminine hand writing and back toward the computer. He adjusted his glasses and continued to write.

‘So, I guess that’s where this story begins. And here…here’s where it ends.’


Anna winced. Dean shattered another glass as he paced in front of her. The small living room was quiet and full of tension. Ellen was somberly wrapping a wound on Bobby’s arm as Castiel stood next to an uncomfortable Ruby who had a slightly frightened six-year old attached to her side.

Sam’s body was unconscious across the long couch as Dean raged on pointing his finger accusingly at the red haired Angel.

“How dare you! You knew all along. You knew he was after Jo not William…you could have warned us Anna, could have let us in on the plan, but no and look at where we are now.”

Anna sighed. She knew Dean was upset, but this wasn’t just about him. She wanted nothing more than to make everything right, to make everyone happy, but sometimes sacrifices needed to be made to protect the whole and not the individual.

Was it fair? No. Did it mean she didn’t care or that she was cold hearted? No. It just meant that sometimes when it came to fighting wars, all emotions that weren’t centered around the win needed to be pushed aside and buried. “Dean I know you’re upset, but everything is happening the way it should be happening.”

Ellen stopped what she was doing and stood angry eyes on the younger woman, fists clenched voice hard. “Do you mean that you knew ‘bout this the whole time and were waitin’ for it t happen?”

“It’s complicated--”

Bobby grunted. “Make it uncomplicated.”

She glanced around the room and took a deep breath, body tense before speaking. “I’m sorry. While things are still in motion I can’t tell you anything.”

Dean took a step towards her, hands balled into fists when Ruby’s voice broke the silence. “I can tell you…I mean it’s why I originally came back anyway, I just didn’t remember all of it at the time. You can thank Azazel for that.”

Dean turned in her direction arms crossing over his chest as he watched the brunette with his son warily. He nodded for her to speak and she cleared her throat.

“I got out of hell when you and Sam threw Lucifer back in his box. While I was down there…I learned that setting Lucifer free was not the apocalypse that was going to end the world. For a lack of better words it was a distraction. Were any of you actually able to decipher the Book of Enoch enough to read through the story of the Watchers?”

Dean glanced at Bobby and Ellen who shook their heads. “Guess not. What’s this book of Watcher’s about and how do I know you aren’t lying?”

Ruby rolled her eyes and nodded in the direction of Castiel and then Anna. “They should know most of the story so they can tell you if I’m lying. Basically Azazel was part of a group of Fallen Angels that came down to earth and decided to take wives and mate with human woman. They created this…half-breed called Nephilim and were punished by god, bound by all eternity to burn for their sins against mankind.”

Castiel nodded his voice picking up where Ruby’s had left off and Dean’s eyes shifted to his friend. “God spared not the Angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness to be reserved until judgment.”

Ruby nodded and pointed to Castiel with her free hand. “Exactly. Azazel was a part of that, but something went wrong. He got free and was left to roam the earth without his grace, but as a demon. Ever since then he’s been biding his time, building his army and getting ready for the day that he could open that gate and set his fellow Fallen Angels free.”

Castiel frowned, faced Ruby and addressed her, curiosity in his tone. “How do you know this for sure?”

She shifted and let out a heavy breath. “Because I heard Lilith and Azazel talking about it in between bouts of torturing me okay? That’s beside the point, I’m not finished. So this ritual the one to open the worst level of hell can only be performed one night a year and he needs the information from the Book of Enoch to do it.”

Dean made a face. “But that doesn’t make any sense. I mean why come after our family then? Why go after kids it doesn’t fit with the rest of his MO. He killed our Mom…he killed Jo…why go through all that trouble? Why make this some whole big thing if it was just about this book? We didn’t even have at the time.”

Ellen and Bobby raised an eyebrow at the young woman on couch as her eyes met Anna’s. Ruby gave the Angel a calculating look as she spoke. “Are you going to tell them? Or should I?”

Anna shook her head. “I’m asking you not to. I saved your life…If you tell them, they will try to stop it and the world as we all know it will end.”

Ruby hesitated and glanced at Sam’s unconscious body before looking at Dean and then back at Anna. “If I don’t help Dean after everything that’s happened Sam would never forgive me. And…well I’m not willing to lose Sam…not this time. I didn’t come here to manipulate people. I don’t want to die. Not again--”

“Well if you tell them it’s as good as signing everyone’s death certificate in this room. You’ll ruin everything that we worked for with a few words. Don’t make me regret saving you.”

Her voice was hard, and Castiel stepped forward placing a hand on Anna’s arm with a light glare as he moved her away from Ruby. “No more threats Anna. We need full disclosure. The lies are over. I have faith that we can save Joanna and the world. Do not mistake this as some sort of democracy. You are either here to help or you should leave us be.”

She glanced around the room and shook her head. “None of you understand and you won’t listen to reason. I can’t stand by and watch this happen. I can’t watch you destroy yourselves over something so selfish. I have things to take care of…you’re on your own from here on out.”

She disappeared before anyone could say anything and Dean watched as hurt flickered over Castiel’s face before it was gone seconds later. He turned back toward Ruby and nodded. “I believe Dean asked you a question.”

She nodded and glanced back at Dean. “Right. I’m gonna be honest and say I don’t know why he killed your mom. Most likely just because she interrupted him with Sam. But if you know how Angel’s and all that crap works then it makes perfect sense. The Fallen Angels that were imprisoned don’t technically have their own bodies. They have to take over a host sort of like demons or regular Angel’s. You with me so far?”

Dean grunted. “Yeah, keep going.”

“For Fallen Angel’s the only way they can take over a body and walk on earth for longer than a few hours is to possess the body of a Nephilim. Only problem is Michael and the rest of the Archangels killed off most or all of them. So Azazel has spent god knows how long creating his own army…get it now?”

Confusion filled Dean’s face, but before he could say anything Castiel’s eyes widened, voice filled with disbelief as he spoke. “Azazel is making his own Nephilim. When he opens the gate, his fallen comrades will need bodies that can sustain them and by using his blood, the blood of a Fallen Angel, and mixing it with the blood of human children he has created his own race of Nephilim so they can once again roam the earth.”

Ruby gave him a sarcastic smile. “Bingo.”

Dean’s body deflated as he plopped down in a chair and let out a loud sigh. Ellen’s eyes followed his tired movements and she couldn’t help but feel for hm. He’d been running around non-stop since he found out Jo was alive and it looked like he was finally running on empty.

Bobby cleared his throat and Ruby glanced at him as he spoke. “So we’ve got ourselves an issue…whats this gotta do with Jo?”

Ruby turned to Dean and Castiel spoke before she could. “I think I can answer that question. After settling William down I received a call from the prophet Chuck. He said he had information that would be of assistance to us. He told me that Azazel killed Joanna because he knew heaven’s plan. When Anna brought Jo back, she used Azazel’s Grace, which would mean possessing Joanna’s body would give him back his grace and along with it the powers he’d lost all those years ago.”

Dean let out a sardonic chuckle as he shook his head. Sam groaned and Dean’s eye’s found his brother’s form, a tinge of relief covering his face before he spoke. “How do we stop him?”

Castiel was quiet and Dean’s eyes shifted toward him again. “Cas…how do we stop him?”

He swallowed hard as all eyes were on him. “There’s only one way to kill an Angel, but it also kills the host.”

Dean nodded. “The Angel sword…no, there’s gotta be another way.”

“There is not.”

Dean stood up, pushed the chair into the table causing William to jump slightly before he walked out of the room. Castiel took a step forward, but Ellen stopped him.

“Don’t. Just let him be for a minute. William honey, it looks like Uncle Sam is waking up why don’t you help me and Grandpa Bobby in the kitchen. We’ll make him some food.”

He nodded silently and slid off the couch before stopping turning back around and giving Ruby a hug startling her. She patted him lightly before he ran to Ellen and Bobby following them into the kitchen. Castiel gave Ruby half a smile. “William likes you.”


He watched Ruby move towards Sam and cup his cheek running a thumb across his skin. Castiel looked away and decided to check on Dean against Ellen’s better judgment. She heard the fluttering of wings and when she looked up the Angel was gone. She glanced back at Sam and spoke softly. “Sammy…wake up. Come on.”

Sam shifted and frowned as he pried his eyes open. He took in the smile on Ruby’s face and grunted as he lifted a hand to his head. “What the hell happened?”

“Do you remember anything?”

He shook his head and sat up so he was propped against the arm of the couch. “Not much.”

“Give it a few minutes and it should come back. You had a pretty rough couple of months.”

She could see the minute he remembered everything. His eyes were red rimmed when they met hers and she could see the pain on his face. “Oh god what did I do? Dean…and you…are you okay?”

Ruby shook her head and smiled. “No, it’s okay Dean is fine and I’m okay too. I know a lot has happened, but before you freak out about it I need to catch you up on what’s going on because we don’t have much time. We need your help…can you handle that?”

Sam nodded, he was going to have to.


Dean was out back leaning against the impala head in his hands when Castiel appeared. He approached him with caution and spoke softly. “Dean…”

He took a deep breath and looked up at the worried Angel in front of him. His eye were red rimmed, water pooling in their depths as he wiped away the beginning of a tear, crossing his arm over his chest. “What’s up Cas?”

“I…I just wanted to apologize for not being there for you. For taking too long and putting you and Joanna at risk. Had I been quicker Azazel never would have had a chance to harm you.”

Dean shook his head and pushed away from the car. “Cas you did what I asked and I appreciate it. You got Chuck and Jo the hell outta there and brought her home. It’s me who messed up…yet again.”

He let out a bitter chuckle and Castiel frowned. “I don’t know why I’m surprised. This is what I do. I fuck shit up. Now William’s scared, Jo’s gone and we need to figure out a way to make sure the world doesn’t end…again.”

He let out a heavy sigh. “I can’t keep doing this. I can’t keep watching the people I care about…the people I love get hurt or worse. How am I gonna save her Cas? I mean we can make him jump from her body into another vessel--”

“But then you won’t be able to kill him. He’ll just get sent back to hell. Where he will most likely claw his way out and try again. The only way to truly kill an Angel or in his case Fallen Angel…or demon however you want to look at it is to use the Angel sword. Without his grace…the sword won’t work.”

Dean nodded, his voice barely a whisper. “I know.”

He lifted his head a few tears falling, but he ignored them as he met Castiel’s eyes. He swallowed hard. Castiel had watched the elder Winchester for months as he tried to save a family he hadn’t known about. He stood beside him as he fought for what he believed in and protected the people around him to the best of his ability.

He was a true warrior of God and yet as he stood before him now, he was the broken shell of a man. Even more broken then when he’d first raised him from hell and that knowledge pained Castiel. Dean was not only his charge, but after three years he’d become his ally…his friend.

How could someone so noble and true to family and his fight against evil be so unlucky. Dean was a simple enough guy. Castiel had studied him and it seemed the only thing he’d ever wanted was a family and yet after all his years on earth it seemed to be the only thing eluding him.

Dean’s wavering voice broke Castiel from his thoughts. “How am I gonna save her Cas? What am I gonna tell our son we he asks me where his mother is? I need you to tell me what the right thing to do is because I just don’t know anymore. Was Anna right? Am I being selfish for wanting to save Jo? What happens to the world if I do?”

Castiel cleared his throat and gave Dean a light shrug. “You, Dean Winchester can be self serving at times, for your boozing and indulgence of the opposite sex, but I have never met a less selfish person. You have sacrificed yourself time and again for those you love and for the world. I wish there was some way for me to tell you what to do, but this decision must be yours. I will back you up with whichever way you choose, but know either way Joanna would understand.”

Dean nodded. He knew what he had to do. His chest tightened, jaw hardening as he spoke, voice hard. “Round everyone up. I’ll be in, in five to go over the plan.”

Castiel nodded. “As you wish.”

He disappeared and Dean turned up his head glancing into the sky. “I wish things could have been different.”

His voice gave out and he shook his head and looked away from the night sky. Ready or not it was time. This would be the last time Azazel would hurt his family. Tonight Dean Winchester would bring that sorry son of a bitch to his knees.


‘Their relationship of course, has all the things that other relationships have and a few things they don’t, but none of that stuff’s important. This is the stuff that’s important. The first time Dean opened himself up to Jo, let her see a part of him that no one else has ever seen--she’s still the only person who’s ever seen him that vulnerable.’

‘The secrets that Jo whispered into his ear about her past and present after the first time they’d let their bodies mold together as one—to this day that’s one of Dean’s favorite memories of their time together though he’d never admit it.’

‘Even when she found out about their dad’s and left him, took off without realizing that more was shared between them than secrets and flesh, deep down he still held out hope. That despite the fighting, her faults and his that it could still work out, ‘cause it’s the blemishes that make their love beautiful.’

Chuck paused, taking off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose. He was tired, but he knew he had to get this down before the end of the night. His emotions were ragged with the weight of the knowledge on his shoulders.

He hadn’t asked for this gift and after years of writing, creating he was ready for it to end. He wished things were different. After writing about Sam and Dean’s life all these years for once he wished he could just give them their happy ending.

But he could only write what he saw, and what he saw…well it wasn’t the ending that anyone expected to read. He let out a sigh and put his glasses back on before taking another sip of his drink.

“Alcohol will kill you.”

Chuck winced, but other than that there was no sign that he was surprised by the person who stood behind him. He turned in his chair and met her eyes. “So they tell me, but we all die sometime right?”

She nodded. “I suppose you’re right.”

“They’ve already left…it won’t take them long to get to the battle field. You can’t stop them.”

“I don’t want to. I need the book Chuck.”

He lifted the leather bound book and held it out to her. As her hand curled around it he caught her eyes again. “You better know what you’re doing Anna…because from what I’ve seen things don’t turn out the way you’re planning.”

Her face softened as she spoke lightly. “Chuck as a prophet of the lord you see things that have been decided already. But your visions don’t account for free will and personal choice. Destiny can only bring us so far…we create our own future even when we don’t realize it.”

He held his breath as she disappeared before turning back towards the computer.

‘Two lives destined to be intertwined, but destiny can only bring us so far, it is the choices we make that determine our fate…’


Dean glanced around the silent impala as he drove down the open highway and swallowed hard. His friends, his family surrounding him. This was where it all ended, with these people by his side. Azazel wouldn’t make it through the night.

He, Sam, Bobby and Castiel were heading to Kansas while Ruby and Ellen stayed with William and held down the fort. Ellen wanted to come, but Dean couldn’t handle doing what needed to be done if she was there. Hell he couldn’t handle it without her there.

It wasn’t supposed to go down this way. He was supposed to find Jo, save her and then who knows maybe settle down…be a family. He honestly thought he’d be able to do it. When he’d found her in that abandoned house in Carthage he’d thought the worst of this mess was over.

Dean had been wrong. He had ruined her life and the worst part was even if he could go back, change things and never meet her, he wouldn’t do it because even though they’d barely had any time together, he’d never felt more complete than when he was with Jo.

It sounded ridiculous, but it was true. He might not be all lovey dovey and sentimental, but she meant more to him than anyone could possibly realize. Jo Harvelle had given him something he’d been searching for since his mother died…a family.

Light caught in the corner of his eye and Dean glanced to his right seeing the reflector in the green sign on the side of the road. ‘Lawrence, Kansas 75 miles’ His foot pressed down on the gas and the car sped up. No more hesitation, this was the last time Dean Winchester would sacrifice his happiness for the world.


Azazel stood in the outskirts of the cemetery Demons and Nephilim by his side. He glanced at the night sky waiting for the perfect moment to start the ritual. Jo knew he was getting ready, that soon everything would change. She could feel the power rippling through her body even though she had no control over it.

She could hear, see, smell, taste, and yet could do nothing to change the events that were currently taking place. She screamed inside his head, thrashed against the cage he’d put her in, but nothing happened. The cold metal touched her palm, sharp blade sliding across it as her blood dripped onto a pentagram carved into the ground.

Her lips opened and she could hear him speaking in her voice, but couldn’t understand what he was saying. And it wasn’t until then that she felt truly helpless. She could feel darkness taking over her, as evil invaded every fiber of her being. Her last thought before Azazel pushed her into the recess of her own mind was of William and Dean.

He raised his hands and chanted again in Enochian as thunder crackled in the sky, clouds moving in and surrounding them as wind whipped the blonde curls around the hunter’s face.

“Adgt vpaah zong om faaip sald, nonci nore od pasbs de Satan? Sobam donasdogamtastos Izazaz piadph; casarma abramg ta aldi paracleda q ta lorslq turbs ooge qvasahi. Gici chis lusd orri, od micalp chis bia ozongon; lap noan trof cors ta ge, O q manin de Satan tol-lonsh Torzu! Zacare! ca c noqod; zamran micalzo od ozazm vrelp lap zir de Satan apila gohed!” (Can the wings of the winds understand your voices of wonder, O you, sons and daughters of Satan? Of whom hell-fire has framed within the depths of my jaws; whom I have prepared as a gathering for a wedding, or as the flowers in their beauty for the chambers of pleasure. Stronger are your feet than the barren stone, and mightier are your voices than the manifold winds; for you become a building such as is not, save in the mind of Lucifer, the all-powerful. Arise! Move! Therefore unto his servants; show yourselves in power, and make me a strong seer of things; for I am of Lucifer who lives forever!)

The clouds in the sky parted as the ground beneath Azazel’s feet rumbled, power filling him as the earth split in two, chaos erupting forth in a stream of madness.


‘He chose to try and find her. She chose to stay away, but in the end death as it sometimes does brought them back together. Dean learned about a family he never knew existed and Jo learned that secrets never stay buried for long.’

‘Four years later and it’s as if nothing has changed. He’s still the same arrogant hunter who made her heart race that she met in her mother’s bar years ago and she’s still the same smart mouthed blonde he met on a hot summer day who made him picture what settling down might be like.’

‘Neither of them knew that this would be their last chance to say those three little words that everyone holds so dear. Had he known he might have considered telling her what she meant to him. Had she known she might have kissed him. But neither of them did. Instead they argued.’

Chuck paused in his writing as he felt a shift in the air around him. He closed his eyes as the ground shook. It stopped seconds later and he swallowed hard. This was it…Azazel had performed the ritual. It wouldn’t be long now. His fingers glided across the keys, as he continued writing.

‘And in the end sacrifices were made, as they sometimes need to be.’


The minute they pulled up and got out of the car, Dean knew they were too late. Demons and humans alike. That’s all that he could see in front of him and he swallowed hard. It looked like there were more than a hundred. It wasn’t until he saw the field full of demons that it occurred to him they might not make it out of this fight alive.

Bobby and Castiel ran around to the trunk and Dean met his brother’s eyes, a silent message passing between them. If anything happened to him today Sam would make sure William was taken care of. He would make sure that Dean’s son would never know what it was like to be without a family.  “It’s good to have you back Sammy.”

“Dean…I’m sorry.”

The older Winchester gave him half a smile. “Nothin’ to be sorry about Sammy…wasn’t you. We’re good.”

He nodded as he took in the demons that had yet to see them.“We’re so gonna get our asses kicked.”

Dean chuckled. “Nice…I thought I was supposed to be the pessimistic one.”

Sam shrugged. “Maybe today we switched roles.”

“Mmm maybe.” Bobby and Castiel had just come to stand next to Sam and Dean when there was a fluttering of wings. Dean frowned and turned his eyes going wide. But it wasn’t Dean’s voice that broke the silence between the hunters. It was Sam’s. “Mom?”

She smiled. “Hello Sweetheart.”

His mouth opened and closed a few times before any words came out. “But…how?”

Mary glanced at Anna who shrugged while looking between Castiel and Dean. “I thought maybe you guys could use some extra fire power. Three Angel’s are better than one.”

Dean opened his mouth to speak when there was a loud explosion, the ground shaking as a loud scream tore from the middle of the field. His head jerked in the direction of the field. He knew that scream. Jo…before anyone could say anything his body propelled forward and he took off in a run.

He could hear them call out to him, but he ignored them as he ran into the middle of the battle field, Sam watching in horror as Dean disappeared into the mass of possessed humans around them.

Azazel screamed as a pain ripped through him to his very core and the ground beneath him shifted and closed. He fell to his knees confusion lining his face as he glanced around. What had happened? He scrambled over to the discarded book and frowned at its change in appearance.

No…it wasn’t possible. They’d taken the book from the Singer house when he took control of Jo’s body, and yet this was not the same book he took. Anger consumed him as he realized he’d been played. A primal scream tore from his throat and he could feel her inside of him gloating.

Pushing against his hold trying to regain control of her body. The spell had weakened him and it took more energy then he would have liked to keep her at bay. He could feel the grace of other Angel’s in the vicinity and he yelled out orders to the demons surrounding him.

They might have stopped him from opening the gates, but they wouldn’t make it off this field alive, he’d make sure of that.

Dean wasn’t sure how many demon’s he put down before he saw her, but he was almost positive it was at least fifteen. He’d thrown his gun on the ground when it ran out of bullets and was now using Ruby’s knife to slice through each new demon that got in his way.

He’d made it to the center and watched as her lip quirked at the sight of him. He knew it wasn’t her, that Azazel was inside her body, but it didn’t make it any easier. He stalked forward as he heard her light laughter fill the air making him wince. “Oh, sweetheart that little knife of yours isn’t gonna cut it.”

He nodded. “You’re right it won’t…but this will.”

He slid the Angel sword out from inside his jacket and for the first time he saw her body tense, rage crossing her features. “Ahhh I see, so you decided that your little girlfriend wasn’t worth it huh? That’s good…very big of you to kill the mother of your child to save the world. Your father must be proud.”

Dean’s hand tightened on the blade, his face blank. He had no witty comebacks, not tonight. Azazel raised an eyebrow hands crossing over his chest. “What not retort from the great Dean Winchester?”

“Tonight is your last night on this earth you son of a bitch, so enjoy it while you can.”

He watched her lips curl into a sadistic smirk as the first tendrils of power knocked him on his ass. Seconds later Azazel was in front on him. Dean pulled himself to his feet throwing his first blow. Bobby and Sam fought back to back as Anna, Mary and Castiel used their powers to dispel of most of the demons.

If felt like hours later though it couldn’t have been more than minutes Bobby, Sam, Castiel, Mary and Anna stood and watched as Dean and Azazel fought, fist to fist, flesh smacking against flesh as blood dripped from both their bodies.

The pain around them was tangible as Azazel let lose one last blow knocking Dean to the ground. Sam took a step forward, but Anna grabbed his arm and shook her head.

“Give it a minute.”

Azazel’s hand reached out going for Dean’s neck when his body froze and his face contorted. His legs buckled and he fell to his knees. Dean slid back gripping the knife in his hand. When she looked up at him her eyes were different. No longer were they cold and distance, but overflowing with emotion.

“Dean…I can’t hold him for long…do it. Hurry.”

He opened his mouth and closed it as he swallowed hard tears pooling in his eyes.

“Jo? I can’t--”

He could see her struggling to keep her composure. “You have to. He’ll never leave you alone…he’ll go after our son…please Dean just do it. Hurry…I can feel him trying to push me back inside.”

Dean shifted to his knees. As he lifted the knife tears coursed down his cheeks. Hand shaking as he brought it up. He had every intention of telling her he loved her, it was on the tip of his tongue when he saw her eyes flash yellow.

And with a speed he hadn’t known he possessed he brought down the dagger right as a ripple of power shot through his body. They screamed simultaneously as a bright light exploded around them, enveloping their bodies.

Dean could feel warmth seep into him. His brother called out his name, hands gripping his body. But the only thing he could focus on was golden blonde hair and the fresh earthy smell of her flesh before darkness enveloped him.


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