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Here Without You (8/10)

Title: Here Without You
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam/Madison
Spoilers: All of Seasons 1-2. This goes AU after ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’
Disclaimer: I own nothing; Kripke is the keeper of all…although if I were him I would have taken better care of Jo and Ellen. *Sigh*
Category: Romance, Supernatural, Humor,
Summary: Sequel to Everything I Need It’s been two weeks since the boys got back from California and when their called away on another job…the unknown dangers their leaving behind could cost them more than they are willing to lose. Jo’s well into her second trimester, Madison’s dealing with the revelation that she’ll always be a Werewolf, and Bobby and Ellen are trying to find Ash as Sam and Dean head into the big house.

Chapter 8
The Roadhouse

Jo winced as she bent down to grab a few of Dean’s shirts from the floor that he must have left while packing his bag. She tossed them on the bed and rubbed her back lightly. It was getting harder and harder for her to be on her feet all day long.

She stood there in the middle of her room and glanced around, taking everything in. A lopsided grin appeared on her face as she sighed and placed a hand on her stomach. There were remnants of Dean all over her room; from clothes and cassette tapes, to shaving cream and weapons.

She never thought she’d see the day where Dean was comfortable enough in a particular place to leave his stuff there. Jo reached out and picked up his favorite ACDC shirt from the one’s she threw on the bed.

She had no clue why he loved the shirt so much, but when they were on the road…before they left every motel he’d do a ‘shirt-check’ to make sure he had it. So of course, Jo started wearing it to sleep, or tossing it on after sex.

He’d grunt and grumble about it, but lately when he’d leave on a hunt instead of taking his favorite shit with him, he’d leave it there for her. It was the little things like that, that had Jo wondering if she’d been wrong about Dean all along.

Yeah he was a tough guy, he’d been with god knows how many women, and he always played it off like living the life of a hunter was exactly what he wanted, but Jo wasn’t so sure. Dean had settled in without much of a fight…and lately he seemed to enjoy the down time they had together.

Jo’s eyes watered slightly and she swiped at her tears before they could fall. Why was she the one freaking out about this? If Dean could be okay with them having a baby…if he could adjust his life, why was she having such a hard time doing it?

She frowned. Lately she hadn’t been feeling like herself at all. A single tear slid down her cheek as a knock sounded on the door before it was pushed open.

“Hey there JoJo…whoa…are you cryin’? Dr. Badass doesn’t to tears…”

He turned to leave and Jo chuckled.

“I’m fine Ash…what’s up?”

He spun back around, grin on his face as he leaned against the doorway. He watched her carefully, before his eyes landed on her stomach again.

“So how long’s the bun been cookin?”

Jo glanced at her stomach before returning her eyes to Ash.
“About four months.”

He nodded before rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sam and Dean comin’ back here?”


“You know when?”

She shrugged.

“No…why you anxious to see ‘em? Everything okay?”

Ash gave her an easy smile and nodded.

“Everything’s fine. Bar’s opening up. You comin’?”

She nodded.

“Be there in a minute.”

Ash nodded and moved away from the door. Jo frowned, shook her head, and laughed at herself. She was too paranoid for her own good sometimes. Nothing’s wrong and surprisingly she was feeling a lot better. It was probably just her hormones going crazy.

She stripped off her shirt and threw Dean’s ACDC one over her head before making her way out towards the bar.


Madison frowned as Jo stumbled slightly for the second time in an hour. Something was off with her tonight, she just wasn’t sure what. She glanced at the clock and sighed. It was only midnight and they still had about another hour until the bar closed.

When Jo came back around the bar and winced Madison shook her head.

“Alright that’s it. You’re done for the night. Get out of here.”

Jo glared at her.

“I’m fine. I wish everyone would stop treating me like a baby.”

Madison frowned.

“No one’s treating you like a baby Jo. You’ve been stumbling around here all night. I’m just looking out for you. Don’t be difficult or I’ll have to have Ash haul your ass out of here.”

She grinned at Jo to show her that her comment was all in fun and Jo sighed. She new Madison was right, she just didn’t like being told she couldn’t do something. She held up her hands in a mock surrender gesture before taking off her apron and turning to go in the back.

She stopped for a second and placed a hand on Madison’s arm to get her attention. Madison raised an eyebrow. Jo smiled.

“Thanks Maddie. Good to know I have someone watching my back.”

Madison’s face softened and she squeezed Jo’s hand lightly.

“Of course. You’d do the same for me. Now get out of her!”

Jo chuckled and nodded. She moved into the back and by the time she made it to her room there was a light sheen of sweat over her forehead. She frowned as she fell into bed. She felt tired and her body felt heavy.

Jo reached under the shirt and unclasped her bra. She maneuvered it out of her shirt and as she was pulling it over her head it caught on her necklace and when she tossed it on the floor the talisman went with it. She heard the clink of something solid hitting the floor.

She groaned as she glanced at the ground. There was no way she was getting out of bed. She felt awful. She’d just pick it up in the morning. Jo’s eyes slid shut as she fell into a deep sleep. A cool breeze blew through the room, shifting the atmosphere.

Jo shivered in her sleep as the black smoke swept through the crack in the window heading for her.


Ellen had called Bobby a few hours ago. She had seen Jo making her way around the bar stumbling this way and that. After having Madison confirm what she already thought, she’d asked Bobby if he and Herman could make their way out to the Roadhouse.

Ellen glanced at her watch as Madison walked into the bar. She turned at the sound of footsteps.

“How’s she doin?”

Madison frowned.

“She’s got a slight fever and she’s sweating, but she’s out cold if that helps anything.”

Ellen nodded, but worry covered her face. She’d been tellin’ Jo for weeks to slow down, just take a break, but of course her stubborn daughter wouldn’t hear it. Her favorite going line was ‘I’m pregnant not an invalid, leave me the hell alone.’

The door to the bar opened and they glanced up to see Bobby and Herman. Ellen raised an eyebrow at the white machine Bobby carried.

“What’s that?”

Bobby shrugged.

“I dunno…do I look like a doctor? Herman’s hands were full. Just helpin him out.”

Herman chuckled.

“It’s a portable sonogram machine. While I’m here I might as well check out the baby too. Make sure everything’s okay. Sometimes if the fetus is sick it will make the woman sick as well.”

Madison swallowed hard. Oh god she hadn’t even thought of that. What if the baby was sick and not Jo? What if something horrible happened? She shook her head and took a deep breath. She just needed to focus on the facts.

Her thoughts were getting away with her. She was just worried. Jo was the best friend she’d had in a long time. She knew they hadn’t known each other long, but it was long enough. Bobby watched the different emotions flicker across Madison’s face and he reached out a hand and patted her arm.

“She’ll be fine. Ellen why don’t you go show Herman were she is?”

Ellen nodded.

“Come on doc I’ll give you the ten cent tour.”

They disappeared around back just as Ash was making his way into the bar. He spotted Bobby and grinned.

“Well, well if it ain’t Bobby Singer. What brings you out to our neck of the woods?”

Bobby smiled.

“Hey Ash. Jo’s sick so brought my doctor friend out her to take a look at her.”

He nodded and fifteen minutes later Ellen and the doctor came out of the room. Madison raised an eyebrow at Ellen’s smiling face. She stood and when she spoke Bobby and Ash turned in their direction.

“What’s the smile about? Everything okay?”

Herman nodded.

“Everything is perfect. Baby looks good. Jo’s got a bit of a bug. I gave her some medicine that’s safe for her to take. She should be back to her old self in a day or so. Nothing too big.”

Madison sighed. She knew she was over reacting.

“That’s great.”

She saw Ellen’s face and laughed.

“What? You look like you wanna say something.”

“I know the sex of the baby.”

Madison let out a small screech and Bobby, Herman, Ash, and Ellen all looked at her. She covered her mouth.

“Sorry, sorry. I know girly squeals. Horrible. Tell me.”

Ellen chuckled lightly as Bobby and Ash grinned.

“Why don’t you go ask Jo. I’ll let her tell you.”

Madison nodded and hurried off to Jo’s room. Ellen shook her head and glanced at Bobby before looking pointedly at Ash.

“What are we gonna do with you kids?”

Ash shrugged and spoke.

“Hell if I know…”

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