Saturday, April 9, 2011

When Luck Runs Out (4/11)

Chapter 4

San Francisco, California
Kurt’s Apartment
(13 Weeks)

Sam and Dean made it to Kurt’s place in one piece. Dean picked the lock to the apartment door and it slowly slid open. They took a good fifteen minute sweep through the small apartment, but didn’t find anything.

Sam glanced at Dean and watched as he opened the fridge. Sam rolled his eyes and spoke. It figures Dean would go into the fridge, thought Sam.


Dean closed the fridge and shook his head.

“No, nothing but leftovers and a six-pack.”

“Check the freezer. Maybe there’s some human hearts behind the Haagen-Dazs or something.”

Dean smirked and as he turned toward the freezer he heard a door open and close followed by a loud crash outside. Sam and Dean looked at each other before quickly moving towards the sliding glass door. Dean opened it and stepped out onto the balcony.

Sam followed after him and they looked around. A couple of minutes later Sam caught sight of the claw marks on the side of the building. The marks slid all the way down to the ground.

“Dean, come here!”

Dean walked over and Sam motioned to the marks on the wall.

“Check it out.”

“It’s definitely our dog…”

Sam opened his mouth to say something when the unmistakable sound of a gunshot rang out. They glanced at each other before running back through the apartment, down the stairs and out onto the street. They turned the corner into an ally and Dean’s jaw tensed as he saw a leg from behind the dumpster.

Sam swallowed hard before speaking.

“I’ll call 911.”

Dean nodded, bent down, and examined the corpse. He stood, shook his and spoke in a gruff voice.

“I’d say Kurt’s looking more and more like our Cujo.”

Sam’s eyes widened slightly.

“Dean, if he’s out here, we better check on Madison.”

Dean shrugged as they made their way back to the Impala quickly. Twenty minutes later they were parked outside of Madison’s apartment. Sam was the first one out of the car and Dean raised an eyebrow at his brother, but Sam ignored him. They went up a flight of stairs and then Sam was knocking on her door.

It swung open and Madison frowned as she glanced between Sam and Dean.

“Detective Landis…and…”

Dean grinned before speaking.

“Detective Sawyer.”

She nodded and glanced back at Sam.

“What is it? Is everything alright?”

Sam looked around the hallway and then spoke in a low voice.

“Maybe we should talk privately.”

She nodded and motioned for them to come inside. She headed towards the kitchen and they followed her. Madison took out three cups and poured them some coffee. Sam’s voice broke the silence.

“Has Kurt been here?”

Madison frowned slightly.

“Not exactly.”

Dean’s brows furrowed.

“What exactly does “not exactly” mean?”

She shrugged and sat down.

“Well, he was outside last night. Just…looking. Just looking at me.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a look and a look of worry crossed Madison’s face before she spoke.

“Has he done something?”

“We’re not really sure.”

Dean gave her a small smile and tried to lighten the tension.

“It’s probably nothing, but…we just don’t wanna take any chances. In fact, one of us should probably stay here with you, just in case he stops by. Where does he work?”

“He owns a body shop.”

Dean nodded and continued talking.

“You mind grabbing that address for us?”

Madison nodded and walked out of the room. Dean stood up and his eyes widened at Sam as he motioned to Madison. He made a low whistling sound.

“Damn…she’s hot…”

Sam rolled his eyes and cleared his throat before talking.

“All right, you go. I’ll stay.”

Dean snorted.

“Forget that. You go after the creepy ex. I’m gonna hang here with the hot chick.”

Sam gave him a look of disbelief.

“Dude, why do you always get to hang out with the girls?”

“Because I’m older.”

Sam shook his head.

“No, screw that. Besides what would Jo say? Go back to the hotel and hang out with your own hot chick man…Madison is fair game and I’ve got dibs.”

Dean shook his head.

“No…we’ll handle this the old fashioned way…”

“Dean…Jo will never forgive you. Just go back to your girlfriend…”

“My hormonal girlfriend…you know I can’t deal with all that emotional crap Sammy…she cries and I freeze up. You go hang out with her…alone…have some girl talk.”

Sam glared at Dean and shrugged.

“Too bad.”

Dean raised his hand and Sam sighed before doing the same. They shake their fists and Dean chooses scissors while Sam chooses rock. Sam grinned.

“Dean, always with the scissors.”

“Shut up, shut up. Two out of three.”

They play again and Sam rock beats Dean’s scissors again. Dean growled slightly.


Sam gave him a toothy smile as he reached out and fixed Dean’s jacket.

“Bundle up out there, all right?”

Dean pushed Sam’s hands off right as Madison came back in the room. She handed Dean the card and he smiled his thanks.

“Sorry it took me so long I had to find the card.”

Dean nodded.

“While I look into this my partner is going to stay here just in case.”

She nodded and Dean walked himself out of the apartment. He jogged down the stairs and headed to the Impala. After starting the car he glanced at the clock. 4am…Jo’s probably out cold, thought Dean. He pulled away from the curb and headed back towards their motel.

At least he’d be able to get a few hours of sleep before he had to deal with Jo and her hormones…A smile crept up on Dean’s face as he drove. Sammy is crushing on the hot chick, thought Dean. Maybe he’d finally get some…

Chapter 5

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