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When Luck Runs Out (5/11)

Chapter 5

San Francisco, California
(13 Weeks)

Dean let out an irritated sigh as he slammed down the phone. He was tired of all the dead ends. He should have known better. What self respecting man who owns his own business gets to work before 10am? Dean was running low on patients though, he didn’t want to spend all day tracking down this yahoo.

He sighed and glanced over at the bed when he heard a soft groan from that direction. He raised an eyebrow as Jo slowly opened one eye and frowned at him. Dean smirked.

“Rise and shine princess. I was startin’ to wonder if you’d ever wake up.”

Jo rolled her eyes and tossed a pillow across the room at Dean. He ducked as she sat up and yawned. Jo reached her arms over her head and stretched. She caught Dean’s eyes gazing and her chest and a mischievous look crossed her face.

“Whacha lookin’ at?”

Dean glanced up at her with confusion on his face.


She raised an eyebrow.

“See somethin’ you like Winchester?”

Dean leered in her direction, stood up, and walked over to the bed. His eyes were dark and his voice was husky.

“Anything’s possible.”

She watched him until he was on the bed pushing her back down. Dean kicked off his shoes and shifted so he was above Jo. Their eyes met and Jo swallowed hard at the intensity she saw there. She opened her mouth, but before she could say anything Deans lips were on hers.

His hand cupped her cheek as he lifted her head slightly to meet his. Their tongues battled as Dean slid his other hand agonizingly slow down Jo’s neck and over her arm before cupping her breast in his palm. He grazed his thumb over her nipple. Jo arched her body into Dean and moaned.

“Oh god…”

Dean murmured against her lips.

“Name’s Dean…but I guess god works too.”

She chuckled lightly as he pulled back quickly, lifted his t-shirt, and tossed it to the floor. Jo licked her lips and lifted herself on her elbows. Dean reached out and tugged lightly on the bottom of Jo’s tank top. She got the hint and lifted one arm at a time as he peeled it off of her.

Her back hit the mattress the same time her shirt hit the floor. Dean’s eyes roamed over her body and he felt his jeans tighten. His hands followed his eyes as he took in her flawless skin. He smirked as he looked at her chest practically bursting out of her bra.

He chuckled and Jo raised an eyebrow. He shook his head and there was amusement in his voice when he spoke.

“Jesus Jo…your fucking tits are huge…maybe I should have knocked you up sooner…if just for that.”


She slapped him lightly and he gave her wolfish smile before leaning down and devouring her neck. She groaned, tangled her hand in his hair, and yanked his head up. He frowned and she pulled his face to hers capturing his lips. Their kisses turned passionate as their tongues battled for dominance.

Jo reached down and started fumbling with Dean’s belt. After a minute or so of not being able to undone the dame buckle she growled and pushed him back. Dean grunted when she shoved him.

“What are you doing woman?”

“Get off me.”


“Damn it Dean I can’t get the buckle undone. Take off your pants!”

Dean sat there in confusion for about a second before he was standing and yanking his pants down. Jo laughed to herself. If it was one thing she never had to do it was tell him something twice when it came to sex. He was standing in front of her clad only in a pair of boxers and she couldn’t remember ever seeing anything sexier.

Ever since the first time they fell into bed together Jo had been ruined for all other men. Dean was it for her…even if some days she wasn’t sure if she was it for him. She shook her thoughts away and glanced at Dean wondering why he was just standing there.

She caught his eyes and glanced down at her body. She was in a bra and a matching pair of panties. It had been hot last night when she went to bed so she opted for sleeping in a shirt sans pants, but his eyes weren’t on her bra anymore.

They were on the small bump that had formed over her taut abdomen. Dean’s eyes on her slightly protruding stomach started to make Jo feel uncomfortable. So she covered it slightly with her arms. When Dean’s view had been blocked he glanced up at Jo with furrowed brows.

He could see the embarrassment on her face as she tried to cover herself and he sighed. He was no good at these emotional situations. He didn’t mean to stare…it was just when he saw her lying there, with what looked like half a tiny , rounded basketball in her stomach…

He couldn’t help the warmth that over took him. That was his baby growing in there…he put that there…it was a little piece of him and a little piece of Jo…and for the first time he felt something akin to astonishment…awe that he had fathered a child.

Awe that Jo had let him in even after all the shit he put her through…for a brief moment Dean was happy. He was going to have his own family…a woman who cared about him no matter what…a kid who he hoped would love and look up to him…

Dean swallowed hard as all these different emotions…some he’d never felt and some he wished he could hide away, swirled around him…overwhelming him. Jo’s voice stopped his thoughts and had Dean shaking his head.


Her voice was anxious and he moved over to her without hesitation. Dean gave her half a smile before reaching out and prying her hands away from her stomach. He kissed one wrist softly and then the other. Jo frowned. What is he doing?

Dean leaned in and gave her a slow kiss. When he pulled away his forehead was resting against hers. She could feel his warm breath on her lips. Jo closed her eyes and breathed in his scent. He smelled like coffee and gun powder. When she opened them he pulled back so he could look at her face. His voice was soft, very un-Dean like.

“Do you know just how gorgeous you are?”

She rolled her eyes.

“Please…I’m disgusting…you don’t gotta lie…it’s fine…I saw you looking.”

She shrugged and looked down. He frowned and one of his hands slid down and rested on her stomach as the other lifted her chin so she was looking at him. She gave him a strange look and there was worry in her voice.

“What’s going on Dean?”

He sighed.



He sighed.

“I wasn’t staring cause you’re ugly Jo…I was looking cause…I…you’re amazing…”

Jo gave him a confused look and Dean was getting frustrated that he couldn’t get out what he wanted to tell her.

“I don’t understand…”

“Jo…look at you…you’re pregnant…”

She went to open her mouth but he shook his head as he rubbed her stomach lightly.

“We made this…I just…”

He paused, smiled and shrugged.

“You make me happy. With my life…I’ve always distanced myself from people…I never thought I’d have my own family…but here we are. You…the baby…I think the reason we haven’t talk about it is cause we’re both afraid it might go away if we do…”

She watched several emotions flicker across his face as he spoke.

“And I don’t want this to go away…”

Tears were threatening to fall down Jo’s cheeks as she reached a palm up to Dean’s face. Her words were whispered when she spoke.

“Me either…”

He nodded, turned his head, and kissed her palm. His voice was gruff when he spoke.

“It’s not gonna be easy…”

“If it was easy it wouldn’t be worth it…”

“I know I’m not a touchy feely guy, but…know that no matter what happens…this…”

He motioned between them.

“It’s it for me. This is probably as perfect as it’ll ever get. No white picket fence…no dog and 2.5 kids…just taking it day by day…it’s all I can offer…so now’s the time to speak up if you’re lookin for somethin’ a little more Disney…”

There was humor in his voice, but Jo could see the seriousness of this conversation in his eyes. Dean didn’t think he deserved her. She’d known that from the beginning, but she never thought he’d think she wanted an out. All this time she’s been terrified that one day he’d wake up and figure out that her and the baby are a liability.

That he’d take off with Sam and run as fast as he could in the other direction. She never in a million years thought that Dean Winchester would be afraid that she might leave. She was under the impression he knew how she felt about him, but maybe she was wrong.

A tear slipped down her cheek and Dean wiped it away gently. He opened his mouth and she leaned in and poured all the emotions she could into that kiss. Dean wrapped his arms around her back and Jo wound her around his neck.

When they broke apart Jo grinned to try and break the tension.

“White picket fences are for sissies…and whole the hell wants two and a half kids? One mini Winchester is enough…as for prince charming…who needs him? He’s just some loser with a hero complex on a horse tryin’ to compensate for somethin’ he don’t got. I don’t need to be saved…I need a partner. Know anyone that fits the bill?”

Dean chuckled as he rubbed her back.

“I might be able to think of a person or two.”

“Good…now where can a girl go for a good lay…cause damn if I’m not horny as a mother…”

Dean let out a loud laugh as he tightened his arms around Jo and pushed them back onto the bed. Jo giggled and Dean smirked.

“Good? Baby I’m the best lay you’ve ever had…”

Jo snorted and rolled her eyes before looking at Dean. He caught the devious glint in her eyes as she spoke.

“Prove it.”

And again Dean didn’t need to be told twice…

Chapter 6

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