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Always Comes Back (5/10)

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Chapter Four

Chapter 5

Joliet, Illinois

Sam was officially worried. Dean hadn’t come home last night and he wasn’t answering his phone. He’d called Bobby several times and he wasn’t answering either. Sam paced the room before he sighed and took out his phone calling the one place he’d been putting off calling since he found out Dean was AWOL.

It rang twice before laughter filled the other line.


He swore to himself. Of course the one time he actually called the bar instead of a cell phone Jo answered. They hadn’t exactly spoken too much since she and Dean came back from Bobby’s then again they did take off for a job about two hours after getting home.

“Hey Jo…it’s Sam.”

“Oh hey…is Dean with you? I’ve been trying to call him, but he didn’t answer.”

Sam swallowed hard.

“Uh no…he went to get food, left his phone here. Can I talk to your mom real quick?”

He could hear the frown in her voice as she called for Ellen. A few seconds later Ellen’s voice flowed over the line.

“Hey Sam, what’s up sweetie.”

“Okay, I’m going to tell you something, but I need you not to panic.”

Ellen turned so she was facing away from Madison and Jo, and took a deep breath.

“Let’s have it.”

“We figured out what we’re hunting. It’s a Djinn.”

Ellen frowned.

“Those are dangerous little buggers make sure you two stick together. It only takes one touch and they’ve got you.”

He stopped pacing and placed his hand against the dresser to steady himself. This was all his fault he should have never let Dean go out there alone. Splitting up was the worst idea they’d had, why did he go along with it?

The line was silent and Ellen gripped the phone tighter.


“We split up. We were trying to cover more ground so we could get back faster. I was researching and Dean was checking out possible locations from a list I gave him. Ellen he’s been gone all night…hasn’t checked in and he’s not answering his phone…I’m worried.”

Ellen closed her eyes as her heart picked up speed a million thoughts running through her head. What if the Djinn had Dean…what if he was already dead? How would she tell Jo? Her granddaughter would have to grow up without a father…

It would break Jo’s heart…it would break her heart. These past for months…those boys were like family to her…Sam would never be the same…he’d never forgive himself. Ellen took a shaky breath and leaned against the counter.

“How long Sam?”

“Going on nine hours.”

“Damn it why’d you wait so long to call?”

Sam rubbed a hand over his face.

“Because I didn’t want to worry Jo. I’ve been trying to call Bobby for help, but there’s no answer.”

“That’s cause he’s here. Got here ‘bout an hour or so ago. Hold on I’ll put him on the phone.”

“Thanks Ellen.”

Sam pushed away from the dresser and continued moving around the room as he heard the shuffling on the other end of the phone. A minute or so later Bobby’s gruff voice came through the other line.

“Heya Sam…what’s up?”

Sam let out a sigh of relief.

“I’ve been calling you for hours Bobby. I need help Dean’s in trouble.”

“What kinda trouble?”

“I think the Djinn got him. He didn’t come home last night and he’s not answering his phone. It’s goin on nine hours. I don’t have a car, I don’t know where he is, I just know the direction he was heading in. Any chance you can come out here?”

“Idjiots…I’m on my way…it’ll take a few hours…five or more.”

“I’ll do what I can until you get here.”

“Alright. I swear you two…you’re the reason I’ve gone gray…”

The phone was disconnected and Sam couldn’t help but smile briefly at it. Bobby was good at breaking the tension, or at least trying to. Looks like he’d have to find a car to hotwire and start looking while he waited for Bobby. It was gonna be a long day.


Dean bolted upright, confusion etched on his face as he glanced around the unfamiliar bedroom. He turned his head and lying next to him was a very beautiful, very naked Jo sound asleep. Dean frowned and gave her a once over. No rounded stomach. Flat, taut and did he mention naked?

Dean shook his head covering her body with the same sheet that was covering him as he stood, moving over to what he assumed was the closet grabbing clothes. He tossed a shirt over his head and pulled on jeans. He glanced at Jo one last time before wandering out of the room.

He walked down the hallway glanced at the photos on the wall. Something wasn’t right. He glanced around finding his cell phone on a small table. He scrolled through the list and found Sam’s number. If anyone could figure out what the hell was going on it was Sammy.

A slightly startled voice answered the phone.



“What’s going on?”

Dean glanced around the furnished living room casting a weird look on the Martha Stuart looking furniture.

“I don’t know. I don’t know where I am.”

He heard the confusion and slight tinge of worry in Sam’s voice.

“What? What happened?”

“The Djinn…it attacked me.”

“The gin? You’re drinking gin?”

Dean rolled his eyes. What the hell was wrong with his retarded brother?

“No, asshat, the Djinn. The scary creature, remember? It put its hand on me, and then I woke up next to a very naked very not pregnant Jo.”

Sam chuckled.

“Yeah well Jo wouldn’t be pregnant unless you knocked her up again and forgot to inform the rest of us.”


“Dean, you’re drunk. You’re drunk-dialing me.”

He let out a frustrated grunt.

“I am not drunk. Quit screwing around!”

Sam sighed and he heard the resignation in his voice.

“Look, it’s late, all right? Just get some sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Wait, Sam. Sam!”

His whispered yells got him nowhere. The last thing he heard before the dial tone was his brother’s laughter. He glanced at the phone, glaring at it before tossing it back on the table where he found it. Dean looked up and made his way through the living room to the kitchen.

There were a few letters sitting on the counter. He pushed through them, his brows creasing. They were letters and bills addressed to him and Jo with a Lawrence, Kansas address. He sucked in a deep breath as he glanced at the address.

“Lawrence? What the hell?”

“Honey? What are you doing up?”

Dean whipped around as Jo walked into the living room, black silk rob wrapped around her body, long blonde hair in waves past her shoulders. His breathe hitched as he took her in. She was gorgeous…not that she wasn’t normally, but something was different about her.

“Hey…Jo. I just, uh…”

“Aw, you can’t sleep, huh?”

He nodded and swallowed hard as her arms slid around his neck.


She grinned, leaning in and placing a chaste kiss on his lips before pulling back, a mischievous spark in her eyes.

“Well, why don’t you come back to bed, and let’s see if I can do anything to help.”

He nodded, swallowing hard.

“Sure, yeah. In a minute. You go ahead.”

“Okay. Don’t stay up too long though, you know Elizabeth, she likes to wake up at the most inopportune times and she’s fast asleep right now.”

He nodded and then stopped.


Jo laughed, and Dean’s chest tightened. It was like music…nothing bitter or painful in it. Just pure unadulterated laughter.

“Yes Deano…Elizabeth our six month old daughter, what’s wrong with you tonight? Is everything okay?”

Daughter…he had a daughter…oh god he was a Dad…He was confused and slightly panicked as he let out half a chuckle.

“Right of course. Yea…everything’s good. Sorry just…I’ll be right there.”

She gave him a strange look before leaning in and giving him another kiss, deeper this time before smiling and walking back towards the bedroom. Dean watched her go before taking the opportunity to look around at the pictures in the living room again.

There were pictures of him and Jo at the beach, at dinner, the two of them at the park with who he assumed was Elizabeth. My god she was perfect…As his eyes scanned the photos taking in a life he didn’t know or understand they suddenly stopped on one photo in particular.

The blood in his veins ran cold as he moved toward it, lifting it up, studying it, trying to make sure it was real. His face held an expression of awe as he dropped the frame to the ground, glass shattering before grabbing the keys by the door and running out of the house.

He hopped into the impala, thankful that at least some things never changed, and drove the familiar streets of Kansas with one destination in mind. Less than fifteen minutes later he pulled up in front of his childhood home, parked the car and sat there for a minute digesting everything.

He pushed open the door and approached the house slowly…cautiously before knocking on the front door. He was impatient and when no one came to it right away he rang the doorbell frantically. Seconds that felt like hours later the door swung open.

Standing there in front of him was his mother, Mary. His breath was knocked out of him as tears pooled in his eyes. He stared at her in awe, his heart aching, shock coursing through him as she looked at him with concern.



Chapter Six

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