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Here Without You (3/10)

Title: Here Without You
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam/Madison
Spoilers: All of Seasons 1-2. This goes AU after ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’
Disclaimer: I own nothing; Kripke is the keeper of all…although if I were him I would have taken better care of Jo and Ellen. *Sigh*
Category: Romance, Supernatural, Humor,
Summary: Sequel to Everything I Need It’s been two weeks since the boys got back from California and when their called away on another job…the unknown dangers their leaving behind could cost them more than they are willing to lose. Jo’s well into her second trimester, Madison’s dealing with the revelation that she’ll always be a Werewolf, and Bobby and Ellen are trying to find Ash as Sam and Dean head into the big house.

Chapter 3
On The Road Again

Dean drummed his hands lightly on the steering wheel as he belted out the last cords of ACDC’s “Shook Me All Night Long” He chuckled and grinned at Sam who shook his head.

“Oh come on Sammy, don’t tell me it doesn’t feel good to be on the road. We’ve spent the last two weeks couped up at the Roadhouse. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to have a warm meal and a place to sleep that we don’t have to pay for…but nothing beats the open road.”

Sam nodded.

“I am glad, but Dean…this job…I don’t think it’s the best idea. With everything we have going on right now I’m just not sure taking a chance like this is worth it.”

Dean frowned. It was slightly risky, but Deacon had been friends with dad for years and he couldn’t just abandon the guy when he needed their help.

“It’ll be fine Sammy…you’ll see.”

Sam rolled his eyes and looked out the window. It didn’t matter what he thought. Dean was dead set on this hunt so he might as well just sit back and try to get some rest…


Dean parked the Impala and nudged Sam awake.

“Wake up Sammy we’re here.”

Sam groaned and rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

“The motel?”

“No, the Museum.”

Sam sighed as they got out of the car and headed towards the closed museum. Dean broke through the lock on the front door and they walked inside. Dean grabbed a map from the stand in the front so they’d be able to find their way around the museum. Dean grunted.

“This way.”

Sam held the flashlight steady as they went deeper into the museum.

“I hate this plan, Dean.”

“Yeah, I got that the first ten times I heard it…ready?”
He glanced and Sam and he nodded. They walked into the room with the motion sensors and started moving around opening glass display cases. Five minutes later there was a loud noise from the other side of the building and they turned to each other and Dean came Sam a ‘here we go’ look.

They walked out of the room and into the hallway. Cops were blocking the exit with flashlights and guns trained on them they yelled out.

“Freeze! Don’t move! I said freeze! Put your hands behind your head! Down on your knees! Now!”

Sam swallowed hard as he and Dean knelt down and put their hands behind their heads. Two of the cops ran over, pushed them down further and cuffed them.

“Let’s get these two out of here.”

They hefted Sam and Dean off the floor and pushed them out to the cop car. Dean opened his mouth to say something about the rough treatment, but Sam glared at him slightly.

“Don’t…just shut up Dean.”

Dean closed his mouth and pouted as they shoved them into the cop car. Sam looked pissed and Dean…well he could go for a burger… It took twenty minutes to get to the police station. Dean watched as they took Sam’s mugshot. He grinned when Sam shot him a dirty look.

When they take Sam out of the room Dean takes the plate with his name and poses. They snap a picture and he clears his throat.

“I call this one the Blue Steel.”

The photographer rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, that’s great. To the right.”

Dean turned to the right as another photo was shot. The photographer motioned him off.

“Okay, back to the line-up.”

As the cop behind him shoved at his back he stopped and addressed the photographer.

“Wait, who looks better? Me or Nick Nolte?”

“Shut up.”

Dean was tossed into an interrogation room and cuffed to the table. He glanced around and sighed. He had no clue where Sammy was, and he was starting to think that maybe this hadn’t been his brightest idea. If they couldn’t get out of this, they were gonna fry him.

He’d only been in the room for about ten minutes when the door opened and two suites walked in. This can’t be good…He smiled up at them.

“Oh, it’s about time. I’ll have a cheeseburger. Extra onions.”

The guy who walked in first smirked at Dean and let out a small laugh.

“You think you’re funny.”

“I think I’m adorable.”

The suit crossed his arms over his chest as he spoke with a tone of satisfaction in his voice.

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person, Dean. I’m Special Agent Victor Henricksen. This is my partner, Special Agent Reidy.”

Dean almost lost face. Shit they were in trouble…

“Henricksen? Not the Milwaukee Agent Henricksen.”

Henricksen grinned.

“Live and in person.”

He reached into the folder in his hand and pulled out a photo of Dean on the Milwaukee news and placed it on the table in front of Dean.

“Nice shot. You can hang that up in your cell at Supermax.”

Dean swallowed hard, leaned back in his seat, and smiled.

“All right, maybe we can just forget the cheeseburgers, huh?”

Henricksen nodded.

“Oh, yeah. Keep that game face on. Try and cover up how cornered you are.”

He turned his head and spoke to Agent Reidy.

“Read him the charges.”

“We’ve got mail fraud, credit card fraud, grave desecration…”

Henricksen cut him off.

“Skip to the good ones.”

“Armed robbery, kidnapping, and…oh, three counts of first-degree murder.”

Henricksen gave Dean a cold look.

“And after Milwaukee, your brother is now a suspect in a murder case himself. I’d say for you two, “screwed to hell” is a major understatement.”

Dean’s jaw clenched as he listened to the list of things he was wanted for. How did their life get so royally fucked? Oh right…demons. He would let this douche get o him though so he shrugged and continued to smile.

“Well, where there’s life, there’s hope, huh?”

“See, that’s what I kept thinking as I was searching for your asses all over hell and gone. Your dad taught you well. The way you guys cover your tracks, and after Milwaukee, the way you guys vanished –- near went nuts trying to find you. Ask him…”

He gestured towards Agent Reidy who spoke.

“He near went nuts.”

Dean made a face as Henricksen continued.

“And after all of that, you get tripped up on a motion detector. Pretty rookie move. Gotta say, I was…surprised.”

Right as Dean opened his mouth, the door to the interrogation room opened and an attractive brunette walked through the door. Dean’s attention shifted and he smiled at the brunette. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Dean Winchester?”

He gave her a once over before nodding.

“In the flesh.”

Henricksen turned toward her and spoke with irritation in his voice.

“And you are?”

“Mara Daniels, Public Defender’s Office. I’ve been assigned you and your brother’s case.”

She reached over, stuck out her hand, and Dean reached as far as he could to shake it. Dean looked between her and Henricksen.


Mara’s voice broke the silence.

“Are you Henricksen?”

“Yeah. And we’re not quite done here.”

She laughed.

“Uh, yeah. You are. And if you don’t mind, I would like to meet with my clients. Privately.”

Dean grinned at Henricksen as he glared between Dean and Mara before walking out of the room and slamming the door behind him. A few minutes later Sam was brought into Dean’s interrogation room. He looked a little worse for the ware as he took the seat next to Dean.

Mara glanced between them and started pulling papers out of her folder.

“Unfortunately, your arraignment on the breaking-and-entering charge won’t be until Tuesday.”

“And they’ll keep us in the county jail?”

Mara glanced at Dean and nodded.

“That’s right.”

Sam cut in.

“Green River County Detention Center?”

“Yes. And considering the charges you’re facing, no judge in his right mind is going to grant you bail.”

Dean let out a humorless chuckle.

“Yeah, we figured that.”

“Extradition papers have already been filed from five separate states, Missouri and Wisconsin being the biggest concern –- the bank robbery and the murder raps.”

Sam sighed.

“How long can we stall extradition?”

She glanced between them and spoke quietly.

“A week. Maybe less.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a look. A week…well whatever the job was they needed to make sure it was done in less than a week or they were in deep shit…

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