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Here Without You (5/10)

Title: Here Without You
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Jo Sam/Madison
Spoilers: All of Seasons 1-2. This goes AU after ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’
Disclaimer: I own nothing; Kripke is the keeper of all…although if I were him I would have taken better care of Jo and Ellen. *Sigh*
Category: Romance, Supernatural, Humor,
Summary: Sequel to Everything I Need It’s been two weeks since the boys got back from California and when their called away on another job…the unknown dangers their leaving behind could cost them more than they are willing to lose. Jo’s well into her second trimester, Madison’s dealing with the revelation that she’ll always be a Werewolf, and Bobby and Ellen are trying to find Ash as Sam and Dean head into the big house.

Chapter 5
Green River County Detention Center

It wasn’t that long a bus ride from the police station to the Green River County Detention Center. Sam glanced around at the other men on the bus. He couldn’t believe he’d left the Roadhouse and Madison so he could be arrested and taken to the county jail. If they got out of this in one piece he was going to kill Dean.

The bus came to a stop outside the detention center. They were directed to stand and ushered off the bus. Sam followed Dean handcuffed at his hands and feet. As they passed through the blacktop the prisoners behind the fence stood there and taunted them with cat calls. Sam took a step closer to Dean as they made their way into the building.

Dean smirked at the look on Sam’s face and shook his head.

“Don’t worry, Sam. I promise I won’t trade you for smokes.”

They changed into the orange jumpsuits before getting on the bus and once they were inside the building they were directed to their cells. Dean was directed toward the right as Sam was pointed to the left. Dean entered the cell and glanced at his cellmate. It figured he’d get a beastly look cellmate. He grinned at the large man.

“I call top bunk.”

The guy scoffed before putting his belongings on the top bunk. Dean sighed, turned, and glanced directly across the corridor to Sam’s cell. He raised an eyebrow. Sam wasn’t a small guy, but his cellmate made him look tiny. Dean watched his brother’s eyes expand before he looked back at him with a look of discomfort on his face. Dean sighed. It was going to be a long couple of days.


Sam and Dean stood in line waiting to get frisked by the guards. The line moved slowly and Dean nudged Sam lightly as he spoke.

“My roommate doesn’t say much. How’s yours?”

“He just keeps staring at me in a way that makes me really uneasy.”

Dean chuckled lightly.

“Sounds like you’re making new friends.”

Sam glared at his brother.

“Dean, this is without a doubt, the dumbest, craziest thing we have ever done. And that’s in a long, storied career of dumb and crazy. Did you tell Jo we were doing this?”

Dean shifted his head in Sam’s direction and made a face.

“Calm down dude. It’s all part of the plan…and I don’t need to tell Jo everything.”

Sam smirked.

“That’s a no…so what, Henricksen showing up was part of the plan?”

Dean rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah, the guy moves a little faster than I thought. Look, all we’ve gotta do is find this ghost, put the sucker down, then grab ourselves a couple of teardrop tattoos.”

“That’s not funny. Dean, what about this escape plan?”

The moved up in the line as Dean looked away from Sam in irritation.

“It’s one hundred percent a sure thing. I wouldn’t have gone in if it wasn’t…you should know that. I mean, come on, man. This place has all the signs of a haunting. Innocent people are dying, four so far.”

Sam rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, innocent.”

Dean shook his head. Sometimes Sam was so self righteous.

“You from Texas all of a sudden? Just ‘cause these people are in jail doesn’t mean they deserve to die. And if we don’t stop this thing, people are gonna continue to die. We do the job wherever it takes us.”

“Look, Dean, just be straight with me, all right? You’re doing this for Deacon?”

What kind of stupid question was that? Oh course he was doing it for Deacon…and possibly because he was going crazy staying in one place for so long.

“Damn right.

“But you barely even know the guy.”

“We know he was in the Corps with Dad. We know he saved Dad’s life. We know we owe him.”

Sam sighed. He knew he couldn’t change his brother’s way of thinking, but sometimes he swore Dean walked into situations without thinking about the things that could possibly go wrong.

“Yeah, all right. But don’t you think he’s asking a little much?”

“Doesn’t matter. We may not be saints, but we’re loyal and we pay our debts. Now, that means something to me and it ought to, to you. Look, I’m not thrilled about this either, man. But Deacon asked us to hunt this thing down, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna do.”

Sam watched as Dean made his way through the check point and continued into the cafeteria without him. Dean was waiting in the food line when Sam came over. A couple of minutes later they were sitting at one of the tables with their trays.

Sam poked at his rubbery looking chicken before dropping his fork on his plate and looking up at Dean who was happily wolfing down his food.

“You know, this chicken isn’t half bad.”

Sam pushed his plate over to Dean.

“Great. Finish mine. All right, so let’s go back over this, Dean. Spirit suspect number one is Mark Moody, right?”

He nodded as he grabbed Sam’s chicken.

“Yeah, psycho killer extraordinaire…Satanism, ritual murder, died in jail.”

“You sure it’s him?”

Dean nodded with a shrug as he shoveled more food into his mouth.

“Pretty sure.”

“Dean, considering our circumstances, I’m gonna need a little bit better than “pretty sure”.”

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Really pretty sure. Moody died of a heart attack, which is exactly what all the victims in here are dying of. He died in the old cell block, which they closed right after he croaked about thirty years ago. They just opened that back up. That’s when the killings started.”

“So, you think his spirit was released somehow?”


“But what if he was already cremated?”

“I’m guessing there’s something in the old block that belongs to him that’s keeping him around. Whatever it is, we’ve gotta find it and you know the rest.”

He pushed the food away and stood up to leave. Sam got up quickly and followed him. On his way out of the cafeteria Sam bumped into another inmate and turned to apologize.

“Sorry, I…”

The large man Sam bumped into, Lucas, stopped, turned around and cut Sam’s words off.

“Watch where you’re going.”

Sam swallowed hard. Great this is just what he needed. He didn’t have a problem taking care of himself, but prison was just not the place for Sam.

“Sure, I just…”

This time is was Dean who cut him off. He was watching his brother stutter so he moved around him and gave Lucas a menacing look. No one messed with his little brother.

“He said he was sorry.”


Lucas turned his gaze on Dean.

“You talkin’ to me?...Are you talkin’ to me?”

Dean rolled his eyes.

“Oh, great, another guy whose seen Taxi Driver one too many times. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you. Trust me. Let it go.”

Lucas squinted at Dean before turning away from them.

“Dean, come on.”

He turned and grinned at Sam.

“See, that’s how you’ve gotta talk to these guys. Instant respect.”

Sam looked behind Dean and saw Lucas talking to another large guy. The guy stood up and both he and Lucas made their way towards the brothers. Sam pointed towards them.

“You were saying?”

“Oh, great.”

Lucas came at Dean swinging. He dodged Lucas and got him in a headlock as he spoke.

“We can end this right now, no harm, no foul.”

Instead Lucas broke from the headlock and circled Dean. They continued to toss punches at one another until Dean slammed Lucas in the face knocking him to the ground right as the security guards came running in.

“On your feet, Lucas.”

“Yes, sir, Boss.”

The guard approached Dean and shoved the nightstick under his chin.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Winchester, not a good start.”

He glanced at the other guard and pointed to Dean.

“Solitary. You, too, Lucas.”

Dean’s arms were grabbed by the guards and he struggled as they dragged him towards the door. Dean grinned slightly at Sam as they were led him out.

“We having fun yet, huh?”

Sam sighed and shook his head. Dean was way too comfortable here and it weirded him out. Sometimes he thought if he hadn’t of ended up on the road with Dean he might have found himself in here a lot sooner.

They tossed Dean into solitary confinement and he paced around for a few minutes before plopping down on the mattress against the wall.

He sighed. Okay so maybe this hadn’t been his brightest idea, but Deacon had needed help. He couldn’t just turn him away. He glanced at the cement wall and his thoughts drifted to Jo. Things had been good between them lately, but he could tell something had been bothering her.

He just wasn’t sure what it was. He talked to Bobby before he left for the job and he’d said there was a nice little place not far from him, that friends of his were looking to get rid of. Bobby thought it’d be someone maybe Dean and Jo could call home.

It had been on his mind a lot lately and he planned to take Jo to see it when they went to Bobby’s after he got back from the job. He leaned his head against the wall and glanced toward the door. He cleared his throat before speaking.

“I wish I had a baseball.”

“What? What’d you say?”

Dean look up at Lucas’s gruff voice.

“I said I wish I had a baseball. You know, like Steve McQueen.”

“Yeah? Well, I wish I had a bat. So I could bash your frickin’ head in!”

Dean mumbled to himself.

“Okay. So much for the bonding-in-solitary moment.”

The lights started to flicker and Dean shifted to his knees as he glanced around. He watched as a light mist started to appear.

“Oh, crap.”

Dean looked out of his small cell window and into the corridor. He noticed the clock on the wall had stopped. He swallowed hard as he called out to Lucas.

“Lucas. Listen to me. Stay very still.”

He watched as Lucas looked out his own window and suddenly the spirit appeared in front of him blocking Dean’s view from Lucas. The spirit disappeared into the cell and Lucas started to scream. Dean called out to him and then for help, but no one came.

He pushed himself away from the window and back against the wall as the screaming continued. Dean had felt a lot of different emotions in his life, but he barely ever felt helpless…that’s just an emotion he wouldn’t stand for…as soon as he got the chance he was gonna kill this thing dead.

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